Bluebirds at Home

Hello, anybody reading.  I have a rather large collection of photos which I am seeking to share in some form.  I want to share it because birds make me feel loved in a very unusual way–a way that, as my mother puts it–is un-fraught.  Perhaps you will start to notice the same thing.  I hope so.

This one is called “Bluebirds at Home”.  I have immensely enjoyed watching the bluebirds who have lived in the closest bluebird house during past years.  This photo is one that is a product of a strange new habit I picked up.  My Canon A-550 does not have the best zoom.  I tried taking photos with the lens against the binocular eyepiece.  The trouble is, it only works on sunny days.  Even then, my hand began to tremble, producing a blur.


About birdsandbenjamin

I am a resident of the North Carolina foothills and visitor to the mountains who finds great joy in observing and living with one of man's best friends, birds! I have limited photographic equipment, only a Nikon L810 and a pair of binoculars (for long-distance images). Nonetheless, I hope you see the heart behind the images and enjoy the beauty of birds on this blog.
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1 Response to Bluebirds at Home

  1. Mary Muncil from White Feather Farm says:

    The picture of the blue birds looks like something out of a fairy tale! Very mystical and beautiful to look at.

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