Special Sights

After a wonderful year of bird-watching, I want to share some of those sights that hit me right in the heart (or the funny-bone) when I saw them:

1) Downy Woodpecker’s back–I never noticed until now how peculiarly precise is the cross marking on his head.

What a crown this woodpecker wears!

What a crown this woodpecker wears!

2) A tolerant hawk — this Red-tailed Hawk young watched and watched me, until he finally grew weary of my fawning attention.

I wonder what he thought I was trying to do with my malicious-looking black camera.

I wonder what he thought I was trying to do with my malicious-looking black camera.

3) A gray-feathered cardinal scratching its back

how birds scratch their backs

4) A bold nuthatch asserting itself, even against bluebirds:

Nuthatch bold

5) The “dunce-cap” look of a nuthatch who peers horizontally from his tree descent.

Nuthatch strange

6) A grand bird scrounging in the grubby dirt; yum!

Pileated hanging out with the worms

7) Yellow-rumped warbler visiting our bird bath.

Yellow-rumped Warbler on the fence

8) Finding two sapsuckers when you thought you were taking a photo of only one.

Two sapsuckers

9) and finally, friends who will make very special things for you (this was made for my sister on her wedding day):

My heart is yours

my heart is yours.


About birdsandbenjamin

I am a resident of the North Carolina foothills and visitor to the mountains who finds great joy in observing and living with one of man's best friends, birds! I have limited photographic equipment, only a Nikon L810 and a pair of binoculars (for long-distance images). Nonetheless, I hope you see the heart behind the images and enjoy the beauty of birds on this blog.
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2 Responses to

  1. blueridgebluecollargirl says:

    Those are such wonderful pictures, Benjamin! The one of the nuthatch on our bluebird house makes me smile—he’s a cheeky little fellow, isn’t he? I’d never noticed the cross on the downy’s head either. I believe God put little details like that on His creations to delight us…and perhaps to encourage us to pay attention and to always look a little closer. Sometimes, we can all be so oblivious. I often think I see God’s glory in those small details even more than the grand, dramatic sights.

    I’m really glad you posted—what a treat!

  2. I just noticed your last line—a lovely sentiment indeed. Likewise, buddy. Always.

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