An amazing trip – Day 1

Here are some photographs from a May 2016 trip to Delaware (Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge). This trip was during migration.

0_Horned Lark_Back.JPG

See just a field? Zoom in! There is a Horned Lark running about feeding.

0_Horned Lark_Side.jpg

Now I recognize him! See the characteristic black mask and buff chin.

And we are just getting started. This was the evening before the actual day out. It was raining lightly, so I was pleased to see any birds.

1_Purple Martin_1.JPG

Purple Martins hanging out

1_Purple Martin_2.JPG

Incoming (from the right)

1_Purple Martin_4.JPG

And, once they’re done with the roof sauna, they can chill out on the windy highlands of their gourds.

2_Common Yellowthroat.JPG

Common Yellowthroat

3_Cedar Waxwing.JPG

Cedar Waxwing

4_Yellow Warbler_2.JPG

Yellow Warbler (there were LOTS)


Flycatcher (don’t know which one)

6_Tree Swallow.JPG

Tree Swallow

7_Yellow Warbler singing.JPG

Yellow Warbler (singing “sweet-sweet-sweet-litt-le-more-sweet”)

8_Peregrine Falcon_3.JPG

Peregrine Falcon (with captured shorebird)

10_Snowy Egret.JPG

Snowy Egret (reminds me of grumpy old man)

11_Black-necked Stilt.JPG

Black-necked Stilt

12_Red-winged Blackbird.JPG

Red-winged Blackbird

I captured the Red-winged Blackbird (and almost all of the marsh-bird photos) from my car. Bombay Hook has thirteen miles of road that winds through the marsh and forest.

13_Common Grackle.JPG

Common Grackle

14_Great Black-backed Gull (young) flying toward Eagle feasting on turtle.JPG

Great Black-backed Gull immature (foreground) Bald Eagle consuming tortoise (background)

15_Gull in front of Semipalmated Plover.JPG

Gull and Semipalmated Plover (left background)


Dunlin (these were quite abundant)

17_Sanderling and Dunlin.JPG

Mixed crowd of Sanderling (little birds) and Dunlin (bigger black-bellied birds)



19_Snowy Egret taking flight.JPG

Snowy Egret taking flight

20_Black-necked Stilt feeding.JPG

Black-necked Stilt foraging

21_Blue Grosbeak from gravel to grass closer.JPG

a Blue Grosbeak that let me follow him a ways

22_Swainson's Thrush.JPG

Swainson’s Thrush? — looks more buff-colored than a Hermit Thrush

23_Iceland Gull_1.JPG

Iceland Gull (exciting!)

24_Great Egret at vigil.JPG

Great Egret (the wise old man)

25_Sedge Wren.JPG

Sedge Wren (formerly called the Short-billed Marsh Wren)


Another glossy Common Grackle

28_Mallard and Bufflehead.JPG

Mallard and Bufflehead (“Dabble” and “Dive”)

29_Bufflehead diving.JPG

Diving Bufflehead

29_Bufflehead resurfacing.JPG

Resurfacing Bufflehead

30_Great Egret tiptoes.JPG

Great Egret (wise man out for a stroll)

31_Short-billed Dowitcher.JPG

Short-billed Dowitcher

35_Semipalmated Sandpiper.JPG

Semipalmated Sandpiper

36_Red-winged Blackbird.JPG

a more regal shot of the Red-winged Blackbird

37_Great Black-backed Gull.JPG

Great Black-backed Gull

38_Glossy Ibis.JPG

Glossy Ibis

40_Black-necked Stilt taking off.JPG

the Black-necked Stilts taking off (I’ve never seen anybody move so fast on stilts)

41_Greater Yellowlegs.JPG

Greater Yellowlegs

42_Blue Grosbeak chilling out.JPG

Blue Grosbeak

43_Great Blue Heron.JPG

Great Blue Heron

44_Red-winged Blackbird (female).JPG

Red-winged Blackbird (female)

And last but not least, the sneaky fox:



About birdsandbenjamin

I am a resident of the North Carolina foothills and visitor to the mountains who finds great joy in observing and living with one of man's best friends, birds! I have limited photographic equipment, only a Nikon L810 and a pair of binoculars (for long-distance images). Nonetheless, I hope you see the heart behind the images and enjoy the beauty of birds on this blog.
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