The Hummingbirds

Jewels in the air, fluttering of Olympian wings,
oh tiny bird so fair, removes care of Earthly things.
Some take note of you, and some others not,
each and every sight is a wonder that can’t be bought.

Chirp and chatter, song out of human range,
small sonic booms from a champion flier, beyond gravitational chains.
Energetic but desperate, be smart and eat well,
the grief over your fall would be greater than I can tell.

Needle-beak wielded cleverly in territorial fights,
but you own the responsibilities along with the rights.
Pollinator which does not sting, will you please stay?
Passionate and so hardworking, you sow beauty on your way.

Thank you God for a bird so true
I love you so and need you, too

About birdsandbenjamin

I am a resident of the North Carolina foothills and visitor to the mountains who finds great joy in observing and living with one of man's best friends, birds! I have limited photographic equipment, only a Nikon L810 and a pair of binoculars (for long-distance images). Nonetheless, I hope you see the heart behind the images and enjoy the beauty of birds on this blog.
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3 Responses to Hummingbirds

  1. Curtis says:

    Benjamin, I love the heart felt reflection! The recognition of the beauty of God’s handiwork as well as the descriptive appreciation of this creatures ways!
    May we be continually formed into the image of Jesus, being His beloved child, living His desires for us!!

  2. blueridgebluecollargirl says:

    Thank you for these pictures and your lovely poem, Benjamin. My favorite line is the first one: “Jewels in the air” I love that! For me, the finest diamond ring cannot come close to matching the magic iridescent splendor of a hummingbird. I am so grateful for that and all the other wonders of the natural world. We are truly blessed.

    And I am grateful for you.

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